Bridge Projects

American Canyon Road Bridge

The American Canyon Road Bridge Widen project involves widening the current 53’-2” wide by 29’-2” long bridge over American Canyon Creek with an adjacent new bridge superstructure approximately 36’-7” wide by 29’-2” long.

Newell & Shenandoah Bridges

The Newell Drive Bridge located over American Canyon Creek is a new, single span bridge approximately 63 feet long by 81 feet wide. It consists of four traffic lanes, a 12 foot wide median, and two 8 foot wide sidewalks.

Tassajara Road Bridge

The Tassajara Road Bridge replaces an existing 2-lane road over a pipe culvert and will facilitate significant ecological stream improvement and increased vehicular capacity.

Wallis Ranch Bridge

The Wallis Ranch Bridges will provide access across Tassajara Creek to the new Wallis Ranch housing development. The North Bridge consists of three spans (65, 70, and 65 feet) on a curved horizontal alignment and a deck width of 46’-9”.