Christus St. Vincent

This project involved the design and construction of a bulk oxygen system for supplying a Hyperbaric Oxygen system for use at a Wound Care Facility at Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The system was designed to provide for the operation of four hyperbaric units with up to six dives each per 12-hour day. The sizing of the vaporizers was complicated by the need to remain operational during the potentially extreme cold of Santa Fe winters.

The following new equipment was installed:

  • Chart HS-3000 Horizontal Main Tank
  • Chart VHR-400 Reserve Tank
  • Cexi A30A-5 Vaporizers (2)
  • Eleet Timer/Diverter Manifold
  • Eleet Hyperbaric Control Manifold
  • Eleet Fill Station

During the Preliminary Design Phase, Finn Design Group evaluated several different potential locations for the pad, and considered various siting issues such as NFPA clearance requirements and Fill Truck access. Finn Design Group prepared conceptual layout plans, including 3D renderings created in Revit. Finn Design Group completed Structural Drawings for the system anchorage, concrete pad construction, and perimeter CMU wall construction.

Finn Design Group also completed the Mechanical Drawings for the project.