DSRSD Pump Station

This project included the structural and architectural design of a rectangular-shaped Pump Station building with plan dimensions of 48 feet by 64 feet.  The building consists of a pump room housing water pumps, a monorail hoist, piping and pipe trenches; an instrumentation/lab room; and a chemical storage room with a bulk fluoride storage tank, metering pump, fluoride day tank and fluoride containment pit.

The building was constructed with prefabricated wood trusses, concrete unit masonry walls, and a concrete spread footing foundation.  Due to the highly visible location of the building, the building’s exterior appearance was a concern to the Owner.  Accordingly, Finn Design Group incorporated several unique elements into the design of the building, including a cupola and dormers on the roof, outriggers on each end of the building and dormers, exterior wall siding and trim, and faux window shutters and door hinges.