G3 Box Culvert

The Dublin Ranch G3 Box Culvert is a 4,350 ft. long series of single and multiple cell box culverts, transition structures, and access structures.  The design considerations included allowance for 2 to 5 feet of soil cover, H20 traffic loading, and mildly corrosive soils.

Four different sizes of box culverts were used, including 8’x9’ single cell, 14’x9’ single cell, 10’x9 double cell and 12’x9’ double cell.  The 12’x9’ double cell box transitioned and turned 90 degrees into an existing 12’x9’ triple cell box.  Vehicle access ramps were provided, along with manhole access locations and backhoe access hatches.

The entire project was constructed in a period of 3 months, in which construction was carried out 6 days a week.  High-early strength concrete was utilized, enabling moveable forms to be stripped and relocated only 22 hours after casting.