Infrustructure Projects

G3 Box Culvert

The Dublin Ranch G3 Box Culvert is a 4,350 ft. long series of single and multiple cell box culverts, transition structures, and access structures. The design considerations included allowance for 2 to 5 feet of soil cover, H20 traffic loading, and mildly corrosive soils.

DSRSD Pump Station

This project included the structural and architectural design of a rectangular-shaped Pump Station building with plan dimensions of 48 feet by 64 feet.

Bridgeway Lakes II Pump Station

The Bridgeway Lakes II Water Tank and Pump Station project includes the Structural Design of a 3 million gallon water storage tank and a single story rectangular pump station building.

14 Mile Slough Pump Station

The 14-Mile Slough Pump Station Upgrades consist of 1) a new 36 ft. wide by 50 ft. long by 40 ft. deep underground Pump Station structure, 2) a new steel structure above the Pump Station to support a traveling bridge crane, 3) a new 36 ft. by 60 ft. Control Building, and 4) five cast-in-place concrete underground vaults.