Pflug Residence

This project consisted of a ground-up remodel to an existing house.  All but a single short length of wall from the original house was slated to be removed to make way for the completely new, 3,400 s.f  two-story home.  As it happens, that wall ended up being removed too.  The design process went through several iterations, beginning in 2004 and ending in 2006. Construction was complete in late 2006.

The house employed conventional wood-frame construction utilizing stick-framing at the roof, and wood I-joists at the first and second floors.  The roof was vaulted throughout, with multiple layers of framing causing for a very complicated design and construction effort.  Additionally, a massive concrete-masonry fireplace supported by multiple drilled concrete piers anchored both the architectural and structural designs.  Close coordination with the Architect and the Contractor resulted in a successful project for all of those involved.