UCSF Medical Center Project 2

This project was conducted for UCSF Medical Center to assess the Bulk Oxygen System at their main hospital campus (Long and Moffitt Hospitals at 505 Parnassus Avenue in San Francisco), and to evaluate options for construction of a replacement system. The existing system is undersized, requiring refill several times every week.

Finn Design Group studied three different options for upgrading the existing O2 system: one option where the system would be enlarged in the same vicinity, and two options where a new system would be constructed at a

different location.

Finn Design Group presented the three options, and one option was selected for further study and preliminary design. It was also decided then to consider adding a bulk nitrogen system to the pad. Our preliminary design resulted in the following selection of equipment:

O2 System

  • 20,000 Gal. Main Tank
  • 6,000 Gal. Reserve Tank
  • 23K SCFH Vaps (3)
  • Switching Manifold
  • Control Manifold
  • Fill Assembly

N2 System

  • 1,500 Main Tank
  • 32-Cyl Reserve Manifold
  • 5K SCFH Vaporizer
  • Control Manifold
  • Fill Assembly

Finn Design Group prepared a rough-order-ofmagnitude construction cost estimate for the system, retaining walls and pad, and prepared a concept drawing depicting the system, including 3D renderings created in Revit.