West Sacramento Pumping Station

The West Sacramento Pumping Station project included the Structural Design of a 3 million gallon water tank and a single story rectangular building. 

The water tank is circular in shape, approximately 35 feet high with a diameter of 130 feet.  It is supported by interior spread footings and a ring wall type perimeter foundation.

The single story rectangular building is approximately 26 feet by 66 feet with an eave height of 12 feet.  It consists of concrete masonry walls, a wood-framed roof, a concrete slab-on-grade floor, and a concrete spread-footing type foundation.  The building houses four pumps, an electric room, and a chlorine room.

In addition to the water tank and single story building, also provided was the structural design for a cast-in-place underground concrete meter vault, and a concrete pad for the support and anchorage of a generator.